Friday, June 28, 2013

Minnie Mouse Purses

I am currently at our convention in Walt Disney World and it is customary to make gifts for your friends, roommate and downlines.  I wanted to share what I created using both our Artiste & Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridges.  Aren't they STINKIN CUTE!!!

Yes, I made 21 of them!  LOL  The one in the middle doesn't have a bow since I was giving it to our COO who is a male.  LOL   
I used our For Always paper pack and our monogram letters.  Want to create your own?  Here is what you will need!

From our Artiste Cricut Cartridge 
Purse - page 32 - 3D object cut at 4 1/2"
Bow page 55 - Accent 3 at 1 1/4"
Ears page 48 - card 3" times 2
From our Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge
Scallop page 31 - circle 2 at 1 1/2"
Glitter paper circle scallop page 31 - cut 2 at 1 3/4"
Here is the inside.  You just hook it together and it creates a little box, which I put candy in!

Here's a close up view

Now the bow might not look like a bow flat, but here is how to make it.  You take your "pokey tool" or as some call it piercing tool..and you put it through the middle hole.

Then poke it through the hole to the right like pictured above.

Then do the same on the other side.  Now the whole bow in our your pokey tool

Here is a front view.

Then poke a brad through it and pull off of your pokey tool

And to top it off, I made some tags for each.  And because I just couldn't leave it alone, I took a regular hole punch and a small hole punch and made a little Mickey at the bottom of the tag!!  LOL  So cute!  

Just one more idea of what you can make with our Cricut Cartridges.  Don't have them yet?  Simple go to my website to purchase them or call/email me, I will be happy to help!

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