Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Graduation Card

So on the recent trip to my friend Julie's house...I had to go in her "girl cave" and check out what she was up to.  We decided we were "on vacation" and we were NOT going to do any scrapbooking or stamping.  Ok...so that didn't last!  LOL  She was making these cute graduation cards so I had to have her show me how to make them!  I had 2 more graduations to go to yet...so it was killing several birds with one stone!!  

So you first cut a piece of black cardstock (or whatever color you like) to 4 1/4 x 9 3/4.  Score it at 
5 1/2.  Then at the top, score at 2" and cut at a diagonal to the top center.  This will make a point.  See in the picture below how the cardstock comes to a point.  Then invert the folds to make the card fold down.   

The inside white piece is 4 x 5 1/4.  You will cut to a point again on this piece too.  So you cut from the 3 1/4 " upward to make the point.  
The inside pattern piece is 4 x 4.  Fold diagonally to make this little pocket.  This is where you put the money or your check.  Even a gift card.  The numbers were cut on our Cricut cartridge at 1 1/2".
We even made the tassel by wrapping DMC floss around 2 fingers.  Then wrap the top with gold floss and then use liquid glass to hold it together.  Cut the loops of the tassel so it looks just like a graduation hat.  Add a brad and tada done!
It is actually easier then it sounds!  

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