Friday, April 27, 2012

Git R DONE with Studio J!

Sometimes you get overwhelmed when you think about all the pictures that you have to scrapbook.  Well, my best advise to you is try NOT to think about all of them!  LOL  
Here are a couple things that can help you.  
First, scrapbook only the BEST events or pictures right now. Fill in the rest once you get caught up. 
Second, scrapbook current pictures first.  These memories are fresh in your mind and you will be able to journal much better.  Don't get caught like I did not remembering the event and I kept putting, "the boys had so much fun". LOL  
Third, you can scrapbook using our Studio J online scrapbooking.  
My son Cody went to Breckenridge with his girlfriend Brooke and they know they MUST text me pictures!  I have to confess, I am not caught up on my scrapbooking, and now I have to scrapbook all of Cody and Brooke trips so I need to Git R Done fast!  So I used Studio J!
This is using our Cruisin kit.  This layout took me MINUTES to complete.  

The jpeg is then emailed to me and I am ready to share them on my blog.  About 10 days later the originals come to my doorstep!  DONE!
The pictures below are just the bigger image of the above layout.
It's so fun to get these pictures done fast!  They were complete about 1 week after they were taken.  

If you would like to learn more about Studio J, simple go to  my website at>ideas & inspirations>CTMH TV>Studio J how to.  Close to my Heart has created some amazing videos that show you how to use Studio J.  It's very easy.  I will also be happy to help.  Just let me know and you will be on your way to getting it done!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taking Good Pictures

Have you ever had a GREAT photo opportunity but when you got home you see that it was missed?  Today I wanted to talk just a little bit about taking pictures.  Since I started scrapbooking, I have changed the way I take pictures.  It's not only about the people in the pictures, but it is also about what is AROUND those people.  
Here is a picture of my husband and myself in Hawaii.  What do you see?  Ocean, beach, some grass...but really look at this pictures.  You see a LOT of the turf that we are standing on and look...I THINK those are palm trees in the background.  But they CUT OFF THE TOPS!!  EEK!  This pictures should have been taken vertically not horizontally.  

If I had taken this picture, you would have seen more of the trees and less of the grass we were standing on.  So make sure when you are taking pictures you really LOOK at what you are taking!  This would have been a GREAT picture had it been taken correctly.  Maybe it is just me, but I want more of the scenery with people in it and not PEOPLE with a little scenery.

Here's another example.  Now this picture below I took.  See how you don't see the ground in front.  You see my friends Sara & Lori in our scrapbooking snowstorm.  You see all the snow on the trees and my friends.  Now I shouldn't have centered them in the picture...but I did..oops.  You shouldn't center people in pictures.

Then look at the picture below.  What happened to those beautiful trees!  They are still there, but now you see more of the concrete in front of us.  I don't know maybe it is just me, but I like to see the surroundings AND the people.  So tilt your cameras up just a bit.
So next time you are out taking pictures, remember to LOOK at your subjects and their surroundings and see how you can take a better picture.  Your scrapbooks will love it!  LOL  Oh and yes that is me in the blue jacket with the penguin hat!  LOL

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Florentine Workshop

I am so excited about this workshop.  It is using our Florentine kit.  LOVE THIS PAPER!  I used it for some pictures of our cat Tigger and the second layout is of our 2008 convention.  Again...our paper is SO versatile!  

I am having this workshop on Monday, May 14th at 7:00.  You will make these 4 pages using our Florentine kit.
I have several options for this workshop.  You can choose from 
Option 1 - Level 2 paper pack and sponge daubers for $13.90 (plus tax & shipping) or
Option 2 - Workshop kit (that includes the paper pack, workshop guide, stamp set, & color ready seam binding (see the stamps on page 55 of our catalog) and sponge daubers for $$33.90 (plus tax & shipping)  If you don't have a copy of our current catalog, call me or you can view it on my  
You also have options to add additional accessories!  So pick the Option that works best for you AND your budget while getting your scrapbooking DONE!

Reservations are required, so email me at or call me at 402-334-5615 to reserve your spot!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dottie for You!

It's time for a GREAT deal from Close to my Heart!  Watch this video to see how you can get this cute Dottie for You paper pack for just $5!  There are 24 sheets of patterned paper in this pack.
You can get it 3 ways.
Purchase $35 in products from April 17 - May 31and get it for $5
Host a party of $400 or more and get it free
Sign up to be a consultant between April 1 - May 31 and get it free.

Stop back and watch for samples using this paper pack!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Stamp of the Month - You Are...

Here is the April Stamp of the Month.  I used it on this cute Disney World Layout!  I used the words FUN! & COOL! on them.  I also used our Magic Adventures Stamp set. (page 78 of our current catalog)  It is that cute one with the kids on the roller coaster!  LOL  Cody and Brooke went to Disney World and I will be scrapbooking it for them and thought I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  I can use it for the stamp of the month samples and then add their pictures!  

I just love these guys!  LOL  I texted a picture of this stamp set to them and told them to get a picture like what did they do...they are all texting on the roller coaster!  LOL  The picture is very cool.  I will have to show you it when they share it with me.  
Here are 3 cards I made with it also.  They were fun to make
Remember, as always.  You can ONLY get the stamp of the  month in the month it is featured in.  So this one can ONLY be purchased in April!  You can either purchase it for $17.95 or spend $50 and get it for just $5.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Footloose Workshop Coming Soon!

I have my footloose workshop coming up and I wanted you to know about it.

This one is my Footloose workshop.  You will be making 12 pages using our Footloose kit.  This kit is GREAT for beach, water, summer pictures...but wait...I challenged my friend Julie Nilsson ( who doesn't go to the beach or have kids, to find a way to use these with the pictures she had.
And boy did she come through!!!  I am only showing you 6 of the 12 that we are going to make, but you get the idea...
Here is the first 2 layouts that I embellished with fish & flowers.  But Julie used her layout for pictures of her by cactus'.  How cool is that!

Here is the next layout.  I LOVE that turtle stamp!  I embellished this with stamps, durable studs and our Footloose Complements.  And then Julie took her layout and made a dinosaur layout!  Check out how that pebble patterned paper now looks like dinosaur egg paper!  I just love how versatile our kits are!  She used our ROAR! stamp set to embellish it.

Then the last layout here is another one I used that cute turtle on and some seashells.  But Julie used hers for pictures of her dogs in the grass.  WOW!  You can use it for beach or dogs!  LOL

I am having this workshop on Monday, April 23rd at 7:00.  You have 2 choices on that workshop fee.  You can choose the kit that includes 2  - Level 2 Footloose kits plus additional cardstock for $33.83 (tax & shipping included) or 1 Level 2 kit, workshop kit that includes accessories and stamp set, plus the additional cardstock) for $55.49 (tax & shipping included)
If you would like to sign up for this workshop and make 12 pages...please contact me as soon as possible!  I will need time to order the supplies!

If you are coming to my scrapbook weekend (Friday - Sunday May 4 - 6) I will also be offering this workshop there too!  But like I said, I do need to order supplies, so let me know ASAP!
Want to know more about my Scrapbooking Weekend?  It is just $50 for 3 days of scrapbooking FUN!  (food and hotel room not included).  I am having door prizes, table for free products, workshops and TONS of time to SCRAPBOOK with the girls!!!  Contact me at for more information and a registration form!

Friday, April 6, 2012

April Monthly Group Layouts

 This month my group members will be making these pages.  The first 2 pages you have your choice of PINK for the main color or BLUE for the main color.  I am very excited about this because they are the same pages, just different color.  These will be GREAT pages for your Easter pictures so make sure you take some good ones!  Not a member of my groups?  No problem...come be my guest!  Check out the "Upcoming Events" tab on this blog for all the dates you can come as a guest.  Then call me or send me an email to get you signed up.

Pick either pink or blue 

This is the 2nd 2 page layout that you will make.  I just love this kit.  It is Lucy!  And the flower stamp set that comes in the workshop kit is awesome!!  

 Here is a close up view of the PEEP!  I LOVE HIM!  I stamped him in grey wool on Creme Brulee cardstock and then added some glitter.  How cute is he!

It's not to late to come to a group!  Check it out and call me to reserve your spot!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Wondering where I have been lately?  I apologize for not posting the last week and half.  I have been missing!  lol  
The beginning of March my husband & I went to Hawaii for 10 days!  Compliments of Close to my Heart!  YIPPEE!  I LOVE traveling at someone else's expense.  

We spent 2 days in Oahu before we boarded our cruise ship.  Then we headed to Maui, Hilo, Kona, & Kauai before returning to Oahu. 
Here we are at the back of our ship before we set sail.

In Maui we went on a rainforest hike.  They got a TON of rain recently so the waterfalls were really falling!  

Then our guide said go ahead...get in!  Ok...sure!  DANG it was COLD!  Rain water is very very cold!  Here my husband & I are in the water under the waterfall.  Ahhh, the things you do for a picture!  LOL  It was so cold I was having troubles catching my breath!  

This was one of my favorite stops!  We are in Kona and found this amazing restaurant.  Our table is IN THE SAND!  How fun is that!  If you are even in Kona, make sure you find Hugo's.  They have the BEST shrimp tacos EVER!   My husband is still working on recreating it!  So far, 2 batches and he almost has it!  

On of my favorite pictures!  LOL  My yummy drink with our ship in the distance.  

On the way back to Oahu, we went on our balcony and saw this whale performing right in front of us!  He was a little shy...only got picture of his tail!  It was amazing to watch!

Then once we got back, I had to shift gears and get ready for Close to my Heart to come to Omaha!  FINALLY they came to Omaha!  My friend Julie Nilsson & I hosted a LeaderShare event.  It was a 2 day event where I taught a 12 page workshop (scheduled for you to take Monday April me if you would like to take it!), then Julie taught a 10 card workshop with box!  That is coming in June!  Stay tuned!  Julie did an amazing job!  Then Saturday we taught classes along with our corporate staff!  

Here is the group we taught.  My team is there in the front with the green shirts.  I wish I had a wider lens for my camera...
After the conference was over, I brought our corporate staff to my house where my husband had a wonderful meal waiting for them...consisting of Omaha Steaks, Salmon for those non meat eaters, artichoke dip, baked potatoes, roasted cauliflower, and for dessert homemade ice cream and a lemon mousse.  YUM!  
Pictured above are...
Brian Holman (COO), Kristine Widtfeldt (Vice President of Sales & Marketing), Stacey my husband who greeted them in his chefs outfit (can you tell he is a scrapbookers husband!  LOL), Monica Wihongi (Vice President Training & Events) and Yvonne Drake (Training & Events) 

They loved my basement where I teach, so I had to get a picture of all of us!

 After dinner we also took a leisurely walk around our neighborhood.  
Then there was dessert on the back porch. 

This last picture describes the end of the session.  Here is Julie looking bright eyed and bushy, not so much!  It was a lot of work but so worth it!  
So that is the just of why I have been missing on my blog posts.  Please forgive me and come back on Friday where I will post some artwork!  Thanks for reading this far!