Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taking Good Pictures

Have you ever had a GREAT photo opportunity but when you got home you see that it was missed?  Today I wanted to talk just a little bit about taking pictures.  Since I started scrapbooking, I have changed the way I take pictures.  It's not only about the people in the pictures, but it is also about what is AROUND those people.  
Here is a picture of my husband and myself in Hawaii.  What do you see?  Ocean, beach, some grass...but really look at this pictures.  You see a LOT of the turf that we are standing on and look...I THINK those are palm trees in the background.  But they CUT OFF THE TOPS!!  EEK!  This pictures should have been taken vertically not horizontally.  

If I had taken this picture, you would have seen more of the trees and less of the grass we were standing on.  So make sure when you are taking pictures you really LOOK at what you are taking!  This would have been a GREAT picture had it been taken correctly.  Maybe it is just me, but I want more of the scenery with people in it and not PEOPLE with a little scenery.

Here's another example.  Now this picture below I took.  See how you don't see the ground in front.  You see my friends Sara & Lori in our scrapbooking snowstorm.  You see all the snow on the trees and my friends.  Now I shouldn't have centered them in the picture...but I did..oops.  You shouldn't center people in pictures.

Then look at the picture below.  What happened to those beautiful trees!  They are still there, but now you see more of the concrete in front of us.  I don't know maybe it is just me, but I like to see the surroundings AND the people.  So tilt your cameras up just a bit.
So next time you are out taking pictures, remember to LOOK at your subjects and their surroundings and see how you can take a better picture.  Your scrapbooks will love it!  LOL  Oh and yes that is me in the blue jacket with the penguin hat!  LOL

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