Friday, April 27, 2012

Git R DONE with Studio J!

Sometimes you get overwhelmed when you think about all the pictures that you have to scrapbook.  Well, my best advise to you is try NOT to think about all of them!  LOL  
Here are a couple things that can help you.  
First, scrapbook only the BEST events or pictures right now. Fill in the rest once you get caught up. 
Second, scrapbook current pictures first.  These memories are fresh in your mind and you will be able to journal much better.  Don't get caught like I did not remembering the event and I kept putting, "the boys had so much fun". LOL  
Third, you can scrapbook using our Studio J online scrapbooking.  
My son Cody went to Breckenridge with his girlfriend Brooke and they know they MUST text me pictures!  I have to confess, I am not caught up on my scrapbooking, and now I have to scrapbook all of Cody and Brooke trips so I need to Git R Done fast!  So I used Studio J!
This is using our Cruisin kit.  This layout took me MINUTES to complete.  

The jpeg is then emailed to me and I am ready to share them on my blog.  About 10 days later the originals come to my doorstep!  DONE!
The pictures below are just the bigger image of the above layout.
It's so fun to get these pictures done fast!  They were complete about 1 week after they were taken.  

If you would like to learn more about Studio J, simple go to  my website at>ideas & inspirations>CTMH TV>Studio J how to.  Close to my Heart has created some amazing videos that show you how to use Studio J.  It's very easy.  I will also be happy to help.  Just let me know and you will be on your way to getting it done!

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