Thursday, October 29, 2015

One Last Halloween Goodie

I made this the other day, filled it with candy corn and peanuts.  I used the Close to my Heart Cricut Cartridge and cut out vinyl and stuck it to this jar!   Fast and easy.  I am really loving cutting vinyl with my Cricut.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Halloween!

It's almost you have those goodies for those special spooks?  I created these little goodies recently.  I found these clear boxes in my closet, filled them with M& M's, wrapped them with discontinued Washi Tape (yea) and made little tags.  How cute are they!!  I used Close to my Heart's Little Monsters (C1630) & Packages, Boxes & Tags (D1664) stamp sets. Then I put those cute little bow ties on the mummy and Dracula!  TOO CUTE!

So quick, get out your supplies and get them done before Saturday!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Tags and Bags!

So I thought I was done with the Nebraska stamp for a while, but I had another GREAT opportunity to use it again.  At least you know I am getting my $2.95 out of this stamp!!  Yes, it's only $2.95 (and we also have ALL the states)

I got these die cuts for my friend who is doing the Cars theme for her unit I thought these would be a fun little gift for her.  So I added a bag topper and a little scrunchie bag filler and created this cute topper.  It took me just a little time, and I love how it looks.  

I used out Packages, Boxes & Tags (D1664 $17.95) stamp set with this too.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stamp set!!  I didn't realize I would use it so much, but if you like to put your "stamp" on little gifts, then I HIGHLY recommend this stamp set!

Then I got out my Jennifer's Hand Alphabet (B1484 $9.95) for her name and I was done!  How cute is this.  I can see doing this for teachers gifts, co-workers..etc

And since I had my team member Jen deliver this gift to my friend (in Denver) I thought I would make her a little something too.  Instead of just giving a bag of M & M's, I added a little bit of packaging and a tag (again from the Packages, Boxes & Tags stamp set) and a little personal thanks!

So make sure when you are giving gifts, to add a little stamping to them!  

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Travel Journal

I have created a travel journal for our trips this year.  There are so many details that I forget, so I thought I should write it down as it is happening, so when it is time to scrapbook, I can go back to my travel journal and get all the specifics.  There are so many little details that would have been forgotten if it wasn't for this journal.  Now I didn't want to spend a lot of time decorating it etc.  So I just stamped the title on the first sheet with a few other stamps.  Nothing fancy.

Then at the start of each trip, I do another quick and easy title page.  This one is for our recent Colorado trip.  I even used Close to my Heart's new state stamps.  I WANT THEM ALL!  lol  So I am slowly gathering them all as I visit them.  So this isn't the best page to show you, I didn't realize that Colorado was such a rectangle...LOL  but it was where I visited last.  

Here is another picture of that page with our new Mini Stamp Organizer (Z3106 $12.95) perfect for all these state stamps!  And all of our M size stamps.  YEA!!  Our little stamps are M size and are all $2.95.  We even have monogram stamps this size too!  See below.  

Here is my Hawaii cover page...again...simple and I made it before we had these stamps, so I just added it to the top.  

Here is the monogram stamp.  These are 1 1/4" and are perfect for designing monogram cards for you or friends.  All these stamps are just $2.95!  How fun!
Time to start your collection of state stamps!  Call me for details or check out my website at

Friday, October 2, 2015

It's Time to Create for Halloween

I created these cute witches brooms using a tootsie pop and some extra cardstock!  They are a little labor intensive, but they were so fun.  I got the idea at convention, and recreated it.

So take a tootsie pop and I sponged the stick with a brown stamp pad.  Then I took a 2 1/2 x 12 piece of Kraft cardstock and cut ever 1/4 of a inch.  Make sure you leave about 1/2 of an inch at the top where you don't cut so it stays together.  Then just wrap it around the tootsie pop and attached a tag.  
I used Pumpkin Chevron Stamp Set (B1488 $9.95) for the tag.  Tie it on with some coordinating ribbon.  I used our Thistle Extra Thick Twine Z3040 $3.95.

It is time to start creating your Halloween decorations and treat!