Friday, October 9, 2015

Tags and Bags!

So I thought I was done with the Nebraska stamp for a while, but I had another GREAT opportunity to use it again.  At least you know I am getting my $2.95 out of this stamp!!  Yes, it's only $2.95 (and we also have ALL the states)

I got these die cuts for my friend who is doing the Cars theme for her unit I thought these would be a fun little gift for her.  So I added a bag topper and a little scrunchie bag filler and created this cute topper.  It took me just a little time, and I love how it looks.  

I used out Packages, Boxes & Tags (D1664 $17.95) stamp set with this too.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stamp set!!  I didn't realize I would use it so much, but if you like to put your "stamp" on little gifts, then I HIGHLY recommend this stamp set!

Then I got out my Jennifer's Hand Alphabet (B1484 $9.95) for her name and I was done!  How cute is this.  I can see doing this for teachers gifts, co-workers..etc

And since I had my team member Jen deliver this gift to my friend (in Denver) I thought I would make her a little something too.  Instead of just giving a bag of M & M's, I added a little bit of packaging and a tag (again from the Packages, Boxes & Tags stamp set) and a little personal thanks!

So make sure when you are giving gifts, to add a little stamping to them!  

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