Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Travel Journal

I have created a travel journal for our trips this year.  There are so many details that I forget, so I thought I should write it down as it is happening, so when it is time to scrapbook, I can go back to my travel journal and get all the specifics.  There are so many little details that would have been forgotten if it wasn't for this journal.  Now I didn't want to spend a lot of time decorating it etc.  So I just stamped the title on the first sheet with a few other stamps.  Nothing fancy.

Then at the start of each trip, I do another quick and easy title page.  This one is for our recent Colorado trip.  I even used Close to my Heart's new state stamps.  I WANT THEM ALL!  lol  So I am slowly gathering them all as I visit them.  So this isn't the best page to show you, I didn't realize that Colorado was such a rectangle...LOL  but it was where I visited last.  

Here is another picture of that page with our new Mini Stamp Organizer (Z3106 $12.95) perfect for all these state stamps!  And all of our M size stamps.  YEA!!  Our little stamps are M size and are all $2.95.  We even have monogram stamps this size too!  See below.  

Here is my Hawaii cover page...again...simple and I made it before we had these stamps, so I just added it to the top.  

Here is the monogram stamp.  These are 1 1/4" and are perfect for designing monogram cards for you or friends.  All these stamps are just $2.95!  How fun!
Time to start your collection of state stamps!  Call me for details or check out my website at gottastamp.ctmh.com

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