Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blue Man Group Layout

In February we were on a cruise and we were fortunate to see the Blue Man Group...and here is the layout I made. I wanted to point out a couple things about this layout. First I used our Designer Canvas Buttons. I found a smiley face and stamped it in Blue on the button and now I have a "blue man group" button.

Then I used our On This Day stamp set. This is the one I talked to you about a few weeks ago on how I have been layering these. You can see it in both of the blown up pictures. There was also a You Tube video on this blog showing these too. So if you missed it, scroll down and check them out!

See the "admit one" on the side of this picture. They are fun to stick behind things!
Give them a try!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Different Uses for your Stamps

I love the versatility of stamps! You don't have to use the WHOLE stamp...maybe just part of it. You can turn the stamp to get different parts of the image...and this is just what this You Tube video that Close to my Heart made shows us. So sit back, relax and watch this video on how to make your stamps work extra hard for you!

After you watch it, go to your stamp collection and see what you have and create something new!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

We made this cake (below) at our recent unit meeting. We took the idea from the incredibly talented Tracy Mason.
I have to say...they are so FUN to make.

So I decided...I was going to make another one that will match the layout, that will match the clothes I wore on my birthday. Yes, yesterday was my birthday! YEAH for me!

The paper on the cake on the right is our Sophia paper and then I brushed some of our create a shade paint over it to give that shimmer look.

The one that matches my layout (the one on the left) is from our new paper pack You & Me. It is the special paper pack for the month of May...there is still time to get it! If you want one, call me soon so we get it for you before the end of the month.

We also made those awesome paper flowers and topped them off with a pearl opaque in the middle. All in all, they took me about 2 hours (each) to make. I invested some time, used scraps I had and had fun making them and it turned into an amazing outcome!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Graduation Card

What do you do when you need to make a Graduation Card, but you don't have any graduation stamps? NO, you don't go buy one! You USE WHAT YOU HAVE! This is exactly what happened to me this last weekend.

We had a graduation to go to and no graduation stamps. So I grabbed a couple stamp sets with words like Way to Go, Congratulations, Nice job. I was surprised how many stamps I had that had those words in them.

I then grabbed the invitation so I could make the card using the school's colors...which in this case was black, blue and silver. I also took a "G" from our chip board letters and stamped on it. Then an alphabet stamp and TADA graduation card!

So remember, always check to see what you have before you run out and "buy" a card. Oh and of course I used some silver accents I have a TON of...see you too can USE WHAT YOU HAVE! Or as Close to my Heart likes to call it...consume, not collect! Either way, you are using those supplies you have! Enjoy your stash!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Studio J Tutorial

You have heard me talk about Studio J a lot lately and I wanted to share this You Tube video with you. It shows you how to create custom titles and just how easy it is to add stickers to create a one of a kind layout.
Studio J is so easy and FAST! So if you have a project you want to complete quickly or if you are new to scrapbooking (or anywhere in between) and want to do your layouts online, this is the way to go! I just love Studio J!

This video is just 5 minutes long and so worth your time. So check it out and if you want to see this up close and personal, then join me on Wednesday, May 25th at 7:00 for my free Studio J workshop. I will give a short presentation on Studio J and how it works. Bring your laptop and I will show you how to get started using your own pictures.

Ready to get started now? Just go to my website...gottastamp.myctmh.com and click on the Studio J link. If you don't have an account, set one up...it's free and start to play! It's that easy!
To sign up for my Studio J Workshop on May 25th, email me at gottastamp@cox.net to reserve your spot.

Friday, May 13, 2011

School Days

I got this idea from Close to my Heart. I love it. I took our Photo Storage Pages and created this Table of Contents for my son's school album. We have both vertical and horizontal storage pages. Here you see the horizontal ones. They are 4 x 6. I just cut cardstock to fit, decorated it and added his pictures on it by the grade. Fast fun and simple!

Now I need to do the rest of the years! LOL

You can even create one of these for baby's first year. How fun would that be? Month one, month two...etc.

There are many possibilities using our photo storage pages...give it a try!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let's Use Those Scraps!

You know me...I need to use all those scraps, so just the other day I pulled out my Olivia scraps and started to create. I actually was able to make 4 - 2 page layouts before I got tired...LOL just using my scraps. And, I still have a ton of scraps left. Looks like a lot of cards are in my future.

So grab that old kit, one of our How To Books and start making some layouts or cards.

It is always fun to use what you have. We need to get better at consuming and not at collecting! And as a bonus, we get our pictures scrapbooked too. Give it a try. HINT...grab your OLDEST pack first and use it up first!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Become a Close to my Heart Consultant

Have you ever thought about starting your own Close to my Heart Business? This IS the month for you to start that dream!

First of all you get the new consultant kit for 1/2 price! That is just $64.50! AND you get our You & Me special FREE! This photo shows it to you a little bit, but there are better pictures in earlier posts here on my blog check them out! This is an amazing kit and an even more amazing deal!

There are many ways to have your Close to my Heart Business...

You can be a BUSINESS BUILDER where you can earn as much extra money as you want. You host parties, workshops, and groups. You work your business as much as you want. Knowing your income will show how much you work. This is a great way to pay off extra bills, car payments, send your kits to private schools, college or even make your house payment! It's up to you.

You can also be a Hobbyist where you get a discount on your own personal products you purchase from CTMH. This is a good way to continue scrapbooking using CTMH product but getting a discount and free products.

If you have gotten into our online scrapbooking (or would like to) STUDIO J, you can reach out to those people who want to get their scrapbooking done this way while getting a discount on your layouts. I have really found a great niche for me with Studio J. It is a lot of fun and you get your layouts done quickly.

No matter what your needs are...there is a place for you at Close to my Heart. If you love scrapbooking, then you need to consider becoming a consultant. I would love to talk to you about how this just might be your answer to getting discounts, making extra money all while getting your own scrapbooking done!

Call me at 402-334-5615 or email me at gottastamp@cox.net to set up a time to chat!
If you already know this is for you...go to my website at gottastamp.myctmh.com and click on the Your Opportunities link and follow the prompts to get signed up NOW!

If you sign up before May 13th, you can also get registered for our July convention that will be held at Disneyland in California! This is a GREAT time! We learn a lot, share a lot and have a BLAST..OH and we get a NEW CATALOG TOO! YIPPEEE!

So call or email me soon!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Never Too Old To Love Dirt Cake?

Long ago, I made dirt cake for my boys. Yes I even had worms in my dirt cake. Ok...so they were gummy worms that I rolled in the ground up Oreos (so they looked like they had dirt on them) but they were worms!
The pictures below are from Cody's 10th and 11th birthday. This year Cody turned 25 and requested my famous Dirt Cake! REALLY? I was SHOCKED! I thought we were done with Dirt Cake. But Sunday night I made it for his birthday (see first 2 pictures) and it was a HIT! To my surprise, it was a hit with the adults too! Crazy! I even served it with a trowel. Well, Cody grabbed it and "dug in"...LOL!

Left - Cody on his 11th birthday eating the dirt cake with a "worm" hanging out of his mouth! lol

Here is Grant and Cody making dirt cake cups for Cody's 10th birthday so Cody can take them to school.
See, who says if you have boys you can't scrapbook with flowers! And Grant felt like he should put them "in his hair". My boys are crazy!

Do you want my Dirt Cake recipe? Here it is...

This required refrigeration over night.
1 package of Oreos - chop well in food processor
1/2 stick butter
8 oz cream cheese
3/4 cup powder sugar. Cream the butter, cream cheese and powder sugar
2 small packages instant vanilla pudding
2 3/4 c milk. Combine the pudding and milk. Combine butter, cream cheese and power sugar mixture to pudding.
12 oz cool whip - fold into the mixture.
1 package gummy worms
I put thin layers in a glass bowl or individual clear cups. Start with Oreos and end with Oreos. I add some gummy worms on each layer. I also first get the gummy worms a little wet...just a little and then roll them in the Oreos. This will make them look like the worms are full of "dirt".
Put fake flowers in bowl. Serve with a trowel. The kids like this and even were a little grossed out by the worms! LOL Enjoy!