Friday, May 20, 2011

Graduation Card

What do you do when you need to make a Graduation Card, but you don't have any graduation stamps? NO, you don't go buy one! You USE WHAT YOU HAVE! This is exactly what happened to me this last weekend.

We had a graduation to go to and no graduation stamps. So I grabbed a couple stamp sets with words like Way to Go, Congratulations, Nice job. I was surprised how many stamps I had that had those words in them.

I then grabbed the invitation so I could make the card using the school's colors...which in this case was black, blue and silver. I also took a "G" from our chip board letters and stamped on it. Then an alphabet stamp and TADA graduation card!

So remember, always check to see what you have before you run out and "buy" a card. Oh and of course I used some silver accents I have a TON of...see you too can USE WHAT YOU HAVE! Or as Close to my Heart likes to call it...consume, not collect! Either way, you are using those supplies you have! Enjoy your stash!


  1. Oh yea...I'm lifting this one! I have a graduation party to go to next weekend! LOVE it! it's a no brainer!