Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Never Too Old To Love Dirt Cake?

Long ago, I made dirt cake for my boys. Yes I even had worms in my dirt cake. Ok...so they were gummy worms that I rolled in the ground up Oreos (so they looked like they had dirt on them) but they were worms!
The pictures below are from Cody's 10th and 11th birthday. This year Cody turned 25 and requested my famous Dirt Cake! REALLY? I was SHOCKED! I thought we were done with Dirt Cake. But Sunday night I made it for his birthday (see first 2 pictures) and it was a HIT! To my surprise, it was a hit with the adults too! Crazy! I even served it with a trowel. Well, Cody grabbed it and "dug in"...LOL!

Left - Cody on his 11th birthday eating the dirt cake with a "worm" hanging out of his mouth! lol

Here is Grant and Cody making dirt cake cups for Cody's 10th birthday so Cody can take them to school.
See, who says if you have boys you can't scrapbook with flowers! And Grant felt like he should put them "in his hair". My boys are crazy!

Do you want my Dirt Cake recipe? Here it is...

This required refrigeration over night.
1 package of Oreos - chop well in food processor
1/2 stick butter
8 oz cream cheese
3/4 cup powder sugar. Cream the butter, cream cheese and powder sugar
2 small packages instant vanilla pudding
2 3/4 c milk. Combine the pudding and milk. Combine butter, cream cheese and power sugar mixture to pudding.
12 oz cool whip - fold into the mixture.
1 package gummy worms
I put thin layers in a glass bowl or individual clear cups. Start with Oreos and end with Oreos. I add some gummy worms on each layer. I also first get the gummy worms a little wet...just a little and then roll them in the Oreos. This will make them look like the worms are full of "dirt".
Put fake flowers in bowl. Serve with a trowel. The kids like this and even were a little grossed out by the worms! LOL Enjoy!

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