Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great Gift Idea

Do you like giving small inexpensive gifts?  Then you will love this video...Check it out!

There are some additional ideas using our treat tubes that I talked about last week!  LOVE IT!

Oh so much to create and so little time!!  LOL

Friday, April 26, 2013

Road TRIP!

A couple weeks ago I went on a ROAD TRIP to Chicago for a Close to my Heart Event.  My friend Julie flew to Omaha from Colorado Springs.  Here I am loaded up and on my way to the airport to pick her up!  Yes, she flew to Omaha to DRIVE WITH ME to Chicago!  Now that's a friend!!!  
But with every road trip...you need snacks!!  
So I saw on Pinterest that you can take these coffee creamer bottles (clean them out real good) and put your snacks in them.  These are GREAT for the car (especially if you have little ones).  The opening is perfect for not spilling the whole bottle!  LOL  

I knew I was going to use our Later Sk8r paper pack to scrapbook these pictures...so I made sure my M&M's were color appropriate!  YES I KNOW...I have a sickness!  LOL  
I also stamped ROAD TRIP SNACKS on a piece of B&T from Later Sk8r and also stamped a car.  I just attached it with packing tape.  Filled my containers and off I went.

YES, I told Julie to make sure she dressed appropriately!  LOL  Here we are at the hotel and on our way to downtown Chicago!  Julie has never been there before so I took her on a crash coarse of Chicago before we had to head home.

Oh and YES..I made color coordinated mustaches!!  LOL  I am not sure what it is about those mustaches, but they are the rave right now!  And YES, they are on our Cricut Artiste cartridge!!  
Make sure you make some for your next color coordinated road trip!  LOL

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cricut Artiste

I am not sure if you have Close to my Heart Artiste Cartridge, but if you don't, YOU NEED IT!  If you do, then you have to make this!!!  And all the other cool stuff I have been making!  LOL

I got this idea from my trip to Chicago to a Close to my Heart event.  Etta Langford (fellow consultant) created this (in different colors) and I loved the idea so I ran with it.  I used our NEW Dream Pop paper pack that is available in May!  (here is a sneak peek...purchase $35 in products and get this paper pack of 24 sheets both pattern and cardstock for just $10)  But here is what I did.
 I made this to the specifics that they told me...which was 4", BUT, if you make it to 4 1/2", your treat tube will not hang over like mine does.  I didn't want to recreate it.  So make sure you make yours to    4 1/2" and our treat tubes fit PERFECT.  Yes, we sell these treat tubes. You get 6 of them for $5.95.  
I also added some of our silver shimmer trim (Z1799 $4.95) it is like a roll of tape...self adhesive too!  I also added the "sunshine" using our Keyboard Kraft Alphabet (Z1825 $4.95).  I am loving those little letters too!  It is easier to grab those instead of grabbing your tiny stamps.  And there are TONS of those little letters in that pack.  It doesn't say how many, but there are a lot!  LOL  But how cute is this to give a co worker to brighten their day!  

And I just filled the tube with color coordinated M&M's.  How fun!  Good think I needed blue & green M&M's for my road trip...made the left overs easier to use for this!  lol

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Mother's Day Bouquet

Need a great bouquet for Mothers Day that will NOT wilt and die?  Here it is.  Our Cricut Artiste bouquet.  This is the one I made at our Regional Celebrations that I went to in Chicago last week.  LOVE IT!  

We used pear cardstock for the base, Hollyhock, Honey and Sunset for the flowers.  Very bright and FUN!

Here is a view from the top. Want to make your own?  Here's how (I changed the colors in the one following)

First you will need the Close to my Heart Artiste Cricut Cartridge.  The base (pictured above) is on page 65...the B key.  It is the 3D item.  I cut it at 3 1/2 in Olive cardstock.
 Now time to cut the flowers.  I cut the largest one in Cranberry cardstock at 3 1/2".  Then Hollyhock cardstock at 3 1/4", then the last one is Blush cardstock at 3".  

Ok...now it is time to SCORE!  Find the little tick marks and fold on them.  I like to line it up on the edge of my desk and then fold slightly.
  Then I like to use my bone folder to give you a nice crisp fold line.  This is what it will look like after you fold the base.

 Here is a new little trick I learned...take your bone folder and curl your petals around it...give it a little dimension.  Just be careful to not crease the petal.
 Here is what the flower looks like after I curled the petals a little.
 I curled all of the petals...now stack them.  Largest to smallest.
 Then bring the base upwards and put the "stamen" through (the little middle part) the flowers.  This is a little tricky, but just bring them all together.  You might have to mess with it a little.
 Then I took our Perfect Fit - Mom (C1543) stamp set and stamped it in Hollyhock.  This stamp set it also coordinated with the Artiste cartridge...page 33 Accent 3.  I put white cardstock at 1 1/2" and then the same shape in Cranberry at 1 3/4".  
 And there you go.  A little Mother's Day bouquet for mom!
 It's so cute!  I added a few sparkles to the tag and some bitty sparkles to the inside of the flower.  I think it took longer for me to explain all this then it does to make it...so give it a try!  

And, if you need our Cricut Artiste cartridge, I will be happy to order one for you!  Just contact me!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cricut and Close to my Heart

Want to use your Cricut more?  Here are some GREAT tips on how to use our coordinating stamps and Cricut Cartridges!
Check it out!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Canvas 6 x 6 display

I have been waiting to find out what to do with these canvas displays that we just got in our Spring Summer Close to my Heart catalog...and now I know what to do!  Watch this video that Close to my Heart made to see what I am talking about!

Now I need to make some of these!  I love them!  Off to find my tissue paper and Modge Podge!  LOL

Friday, April 5, 2013

April Stamp of the Month - My Sunshine

It's April and I want to share my April stamp of the month layout!  I used the honeycomb pattern paper from our Buzz & Bumble paper pack and just added cardstock.  I love when you can use a little paper and cardstock you already have.  
 All the shapes are cut from our Cricut Artiste cartridge.  My favorite is that cute sunshine!  See it there in the upper left hand side.  You cut it with the Artiste cartridge and stamp it with the coordinating stamp from the April stamp of the month.
Then you have these GREAT hot air balloons and YES they too are from the Cricut Artiste Cartridge!  
Here's a close up of the hot air balloons.  They even cut the little basket too!  LOL  How fun is that!
If you would like to have this AWESOME stamp of the month, then you need to get it BEFORE the end of the month!  You can either call me and place your order OR you can go to my website and order it there.  REMEMBER, you can either purchase it for $17.95 OR if you purchase $50 in products, you can get it for just $5!  YES $5!!  I know!  It's a great day, but once April is over, this stamp of the month will be GONE!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Group Layouts

It's April and time to make these layouts using our Buzz & Bumble paper pack!  You can use these layouts for "friends" like it says OR, I saw someone using them with pictures of their kids with the family pet!  It was very cute!  
If you would like to make these layouts, come to one of my groups in April!  Check out the "upcoming events" tab here on my blog for dates.