Friday, January 28, 2011

Magnifique Layout

I LOVE this paper pack! It is our Magnifique Kit. It has so many uses. I have used it for my trip to see my friend Julie in Colorado (even got matching popcorn balls), snow pages, and now Sea World Pictures!

I "scraplifted" it from our NEW Spring/Summer 2011 catalog! It is on page 63 if you want to check it out. They used it for aquarium pictures...which works great if you live here in Omaha (or wherever there is an aquarium) but when I started to make it I realized I didn't have any aquarium pictures...but I did have these of Sea World! PERFECT!
This layout is from our Magic How To Book. The layout is called Now You See It. And I used the new Down by the Sea stamp set! So check it out...oh don't have your new catalog yet...come to my Open House on Sunday, January 30th from 1:00 - 5:00 to get your copy!

Also on this page you will see the word SEA is made with our new Irresistibles Eclectic alphabet. They are white and you sponge them whatever color you want...they even have a texture to them! They are only $6.95 for 2 9 x 12 sheets of them! See this layout in person at my Open House!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time to Get Organized!

January is all about being organized...unless of course you live in my house then EVERY DAY is all about being organized! LOL My poor husband!

If you would like to start being organized, then here is one way to start.

This is our Exclusive Inks Organizer that is perfect for storing all your stamp pads and markers! You can buy it all assembled already (stamp pads and markers sold separately) or you can buy the individual towers until you have your stash built up and then assemble them once you have them all.

This organizer is $69.95 or the individual towers are just $11.95 (stamp pad) or $14.95 (marker tower). AND, if you travel with your supplies, we even have a bag with handles that it all fits in (plus has room for more) for just $34.95.

What about getting either (of both) for 1/2 price? You can when you host a party of $250 or more. You can take this as a 1/2 price item. It is a GREAT way to get this item for a VERY reasonable price! Call or email me to book your party!

Also, I found this interesting. I am reading a book on being organized by Peter Walsh called It's All Too Much. This is what he said about scrapbooking, "you cannot preserve every single memory. Take only the best, the most exciting, and the most memorable moments as your starting points." I totally agree. Start with those memories and then you can go back and fill in with the others that are not as important to you.

Here's another thing he said, "clutter is one of the biggest blocks to creativity. You cannot think creatively when you are overwhelmed with the tool or materials of your craft." Again...I agree! So get those supplies organized! And start with our Exclusive Inks Organizer! If you already have it, make sure all your stamp pads are in it...if they are not...take the 15 minutes it will take to load it all up. You will be happy you did!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Layout

Here is a quick and easy layout that my crop attendees made in January. It is using our Mistletoe kit.

I used the cutest snowmen stamp set ever. It is called Snow Friends. I even told Close to my Heart to NEVER retire this one! LOL
I use it all the time. My favorite.

Now I need to find all those snow pictures from last year and get them scrapbooked.

Dig out your Mistletoe kit and recreate this layout.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Art & Soul Episode - Pulling it all together

Our newest episode of Art & Soul is now on my website under CTMH TV. It is about new stamping techniques, other uses for our Mix & Mingle Album and Studio J. This episode is just 15 minutes and WELL worth your time.

I just love the Close to my Heart puts these together for us. They are so worth the time. You will learn lots of new tips and techniques.

So get out there...and find out what new things are out there in stamping and scrapbooking land! LOL

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Spray Pen

We have a NEW SPRAY Pen and Close to my Heart was nice enough to make this video for us. So if you would like to know how to use this new cool toy...give it a look!
If you order our WINGS workshop kit, you will get one in your kit. If you need a Wings kit, let me know. OR you can order them 3 spray pens for just $3.95. Now sit back and watch the video!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Taking Great SNOW Pictures

Whether we like it or not...the snow is falling. And falling, and falling....LOL BUT, why not make lemonade from those lemons! Sunday night we went out to shovel and I grabbed my camera. I really like taking pictures at NIGHT when it is snowing. It really makes a cool picture.

So here is what you need to do. Make sure your flash is on and it is dark so your flash goes off. When you take the picture the flash will reflect off the water in the snowflakes and give you a real cool picture. See all the white puffs around me in the picture...those are snowflakes. I REALLY like this when the snowflakes are big. In this picture the flakes were real small, but it still gives you a great picture.

So, if it is snowing at your house at night...WAKE UP THE KIDS! lol Get them in their snow clothes and get the camera! You will be happy you did! Just remember to turn on the FLASH! You will LOVE how your pictures turn out!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pennant Banner

Here's a great project using our NEW pennant banner dimensional elements. These pennants are so fun!
They come as white chipboard and you decorate however you like. AND, if you order the Wings Workshop kit in January, it will also include full color instructions on how to make one. You will need to order the pennant separately, but you will have the directions and a sample to get you started. These pennants are just $5.95 for 8 pennants. They are 7 x 6 in size. I joined mine together with ribbon, but they do come with jump rings.
When you get your new catalog, you will see several other examples of pennants in use!

Use them for a party, wall decoration, kids room etc. The possibilities are endless! Ready to get yours now? Just give me a call or email me and I will get some ordered for you right away. Oh, I have a couple here at my house if you like instant gratification!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Stamp of the Month

Can you believe it is January already? So it's time to bring out the January stamp of the month. It is called Find Your Style. My favorite stamp is this butterfly! I just LOVE IT. I cut it out, popped it up and then added waxy flax for it's antennas. Then added some grey (they look light blue) opaques for the body. How cute!

I am totally loving our Opaques. I used them on all of my samples.

If you would like this stamp of the month you need to get them soon. They are only available in the month of January!