Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Taking Great SNOW Pictures

Whether we like it or not...the snow is falling. And falling, and falling....LOL BUT, why not make lemonade from those lemons! Sunday night we went out to shovel and I grabbed my camera. I really like taking pictures at NIGHT when it is snowing. It really makes a cool picture.

So here is what you need to do. Make sure your flash is on and it is dark so your flash goes off. When you take the picture the flash will reflect off the water in the snowflakes and give you a real cool picture. See all the white puffs around me in the picture...those are snowflakes. I REALLY like this when the snowflakes are big. In this picture the flakes were real small, but it still gives you a great picture.

So, if it is snowing at your house at night...WAKE UP THE KIDS! lol Get them in their snow clothes and get the camera! You will be happy you did! Just remember to turn on the FLASH! You will LOVE how your pictures turn out!

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