Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time to Get Organized!

January is all about being organized...unless of course you live in my house then EVERY DAY is all about being organized! LOL My poor husband!

If you would like to start being organized, then here is one way to start.

This is our Exclusive Inks Organizer that is perfect for storing all your stamp pads and markers! You can buy it all assembled already (stamp pads and markers sold separately) or you can buy the individual towers until you have your stash built up and then assemble them once you have them all.

This organizer is $69.95 or the individual towers are just $11.95 (stamp pad) or $14.95 (marker tower). AND, if you travel with your supplies, we even have a bag with handles that it all fits in (plus has room for more) for just $34.95.

What about getting either (of both) for 1/2 price? You can when you host a party of $250 or more. You can take this as a 1/2 price item. It is a GREAT way to get this item for a VERY reasonable price! Call or email me to book your party!

Also, I found this interesting. I am reading a book on being organized by Peter Walsh called It's All Too Much. This is what he said about scrapbooking, "you cannot preserve every single memory. Take only the best, the most exciting, and the most memorable moments as your starting points." I totally agree. Start with those memories and then you can go back and fill in with the others that are not as important to you.

Here's another thing he said, "clutter is one of the biggest blocks to creativity. You cannot think creatively when you are overwhelmed with the tool or materials of your craft." Again...I agree! So get those supplies organized! And start with our Exclusive Inks Organizer! If you already have it, make sure all your stamp pads are in it...if they are not...take the 15 minutes it will take to load it all up. You will be happy you did!

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