Friday, April 26, 2013

Road TRIP!

A couple weeks ago I went on a ROAD TRIP to Chicago for a Close to my Heart Event.  My friend Julie flew to Omaha from Colorado Springs.  Here I am loaded up and on my way to the airport to pick her up!  Yes, she flew to Omaha to DRIVE WITH ME to Chicago!  Now that's a friend!!!  
But with every road need snacks!!  
So I saw on Pinterest that you can take these coffee creamer bottles (clean them out real good) and put your snacks in them.  These are GREAT for the car (especially if you have little ones).  The opening is perfect for not spilling the whole bottle!  LOL  

I knew I was going to use our Later Sk8r paper pack to scrapbook these I made sure my M&M's were color appropriate!  YES I KNOW...I have a sickness!  LOL  
I also stamped ROAD TRIP SNACKS on a piece of B&T from Later Sk8r and also stamped a car.  I just attached it with packing tape.  Filled my containers and off I went.

YES, I told Julie to make sure she dressed appropriately!  LOL  Here we are at the hotel and on our way to downtown Chicago!  Julie has never been there before so I took her on a crash coarse of Chicago before we had to head home.

Oh and YES..I made color coordinated mustaches!!  LOL  I am not sure what it is about those mustaches, but they are the rave right now!  And YES, they are on our Cricut Artiste cartridge!!  
Make sure you make some for your next color coordinated road trip!  LOL

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  1. Thanks for the memories! I will ROAD TRIP with you anytime!