Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Wondering where I have been lately?  I apologize for not posting the last week and half.  I have been missing!  lol  
The beginning of March my husband & I went to Hawaii for 10 days!  Compliments of Close to my Heart!  YIPPEE!  I LOVE traveling at someone else's expense.  

We spent 2 days in Oahu before we boarded our cruise ship.  Then we headed to Maui, Hilo, Kona, & Kauai before returning to Oahu. 
Here we are at the back of our ship before we set sail.

In Maui we went on a rainforest hike.  They got a TON of rain recently so the waterfalls were really falling!  

Then our guide said go ahead...get in!  Ok...sure!  DANG it was COLD!  Rain water is very very cold!  Here my husband & I are in the water under the waterfall.  Ahhh, the things you do for a picture!  LOL  It was so cold I was having troubles catching my breath!  

This was one of my favorite stops!  We are in Kona and found this amazing restaurant.  Our table is IN THE SAND!  How fun is that!  If you are even in Kona, make sure you find Hugo's.  They have the BEST shrimp tacos EVER!   My husband is still working on recreating it!  So far, 2 batches and he almost has it!  

On of my favorite pictures!  LOL  My yummy drink with our ship in the distance.  

On the way back to Oahu, we went on our balcony and saw this whale performing right in front of us!  He was a little shy...only got picture of his tail!  It was amazing to watch!

Then once we got back, I had to shift gears and get ready for Close to my Heart to come to Omaha!  FINALLY they came to Omaha!  My friend Julie Nilsson & I hosted a LeaderShare event.  It was a 2 day event where I taught a 12 page workshop (scheduled for you to take Monday April 23rd...email me if you would like to take it!), then Julie taught a 10 card workshop with box!  That is coming in June!  Stay tuned!  Julie did an amazing job!  Then Saturday we taught classes along with our corporate staff!  

Here is the group we taught.  My team is there in the front with the green shirts.  I wish I had a wider lens for my camera...
After the conference was over, I brought our corporate staff to my house where my husband had a wonderful meal waiting for them...consisting of Omaha Steaks, Salmon for those non meat eaters, artichoke dip, baked potatoes, roasted cauliflower, and for dessert homemade ice cream and a lemon mousse.  YUM!  
Pictured above are...
Brian Holman (COO), Kristine Widtfeldt (Vice President of Sales & Marketing), Stacey my husband who greeted them in his chefs outfit (can you tell he is a scrapbookers husband!  LOL), Monica Wihongi (Vice President Training & Events) and Yvonne Drake (Training & Events) 

They loved my basement where I teach, so I had to get a picture of all of us!

 After dinner we also took a leisurely walk around our neighborhood.  
Then there was dessert on the back porch. 

This last picture describes the end of the session.  Here is Julie looking bright eyed and bushy tailed...me, not so much!  It was a lot of work but so worth it!  
So that is the just of why I have been missing on my blog posts.  Please forgive me and come back on Friday where I will post some artwork!  Thanks for reading this far!

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