Friday, June 14, 2013

Birthday Surprise

On our recent trip to Colorado to see my friend Julie...she had this waiting for me!  We got there the day after my birthday so she created all this for ME!  

What a GREAT Day!!  I was officially, "on vacation" with my husband and visiting my friend!!  And now I see presents for me!!  YEA ME!  lol

She took a mason jar and painted the outside of it using our re-inker and white craft paint and put BEAUTIFUL flowers in it.  How cute is that!  She made a card for me using my favorite paper pack, Later Sk8r.  Then, if that wasn't enough, she made me a WHOLE pack of cards using Later Sk8r!!!  SHE ROCKS!!  

They even made the ride home just fine! 
 It was a GREAT birthday/vacation and I loved spending it with my husband, my friend Julie and her husband Ken!  

Remember to make your friends home made gifts.  They really are better!

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