Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Monthly Group Layouts

Here are my monthly group layouts that we will be making in my June monthly groups.  
There are so many cool ideas on these layouts...let me point out a few. 
We are making this layout and using it for Mothers Day (if you want).  This layout is from our Magic How To Book.  The layout is called One Way Mirror.
 First, see the title below?  It is my new favorite thing to do.  I stamped "favorite" with our Trinity Alphabet (one of my favorites because you get 3 different size alphabets and a set of numbers all in one stamp set!) and then I used my new favorite product...our Keyboard Kraft Alphabet stickers.  They are just $4.95 and you get 640 of these little letters & numbers!  LOVE IT!  This layout is also from our Magic How to Book.  Layout is called Now You See It.  Which is appropriate since I used one of our flip flaps on it.  See below for more info on that.
Then my next favorite product, our Trinkets wooden shapes.  See the arrow above.  There are 57 of these shapes in one pack for just $6.95.  Like I said in a previous post..I am on pack #3!  lol  

Then here is the other cool part of this layout...I used one of our 12" flip flaps on the right side of the layout.  See how it flips open?  You can now get 6 more photos on ONE page!  These will save you time and money by not making additional layouts!  How cool is that!  If you want to see this in person, make sure you come to my group and make them!  
Or to find out more about our Flip Flaps, just give me a call or email me!  I would love to show you how to use our Flip Flaps!

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