Friday, March 22, 2013

Even MORE Easter ideas!

Can you tell...I am on an Easter ROLL!    Here is a QUICK and easy idea for your Easter treats.
I used our Close to my Heart Cricut Artiste cartridge to make the cake slice.  I just made it using our Sunset cardstock.  
 Before I assembled it I poked a hole in the end and inserted some Topiary cardstock.  I just cut them at 1/8th inch.  Taped them on the inside and assembled.
 The larger one is cut at 5" and the 2 smaller ones are cut at 3".  They truly take MINUTES to make.  
 Fill with your favorite Easter snack (or even a piece of cake) and give to your kids, co-workers, neighbors or friends.
If you don't have the CTMH Cricut Artiste cartridge, let me know and I will get it ordered for you!

UPDATE!  I just added this at 9:30 this morning (3/22)...I added a bunny to my carrots!  ISN"T HE STINKIN CUTE!
 Want to know how to make it?  I used both of our Cricut cartridges...First for the face I used the Close to my Heart Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge on page 57.  It is the scallop flower 3 (shift) and I cut that at 2"  Then for the years I used the Close to my Heart Artiste Cricut Cartridge page 32 Shift Accent 3 at 1 1/2".  It is really leaves!  LOL.  The cheeks are just circles...I used the Art Philosophy Cartridge they are just the circle on page 21 at 1/2" and the paws are 3/4" circles. 
Add some pink chalk to the ears and cheeks, add a pink sparkle for the nose, and 2 black opaques for the eyes.  Draw on some whiskers.  TADA!  LOVE IT.  On this carrot I bent the scallop (head) and attached the bottom part to the carrot!  SO CUTE!  
I think my carrot looks so much cuter with a bunny on top!

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