Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Treat Basket

This is an OLD idea, but a CUTE ONE!  I was at a "big box store" the other day and they were making these boxes...I knew I could make it with Close to my Heart products so I came home and made one with our Chantilly paper.  To make the bunny, please see the previous post.  I have listed everything there to make them.

So basically this box is just a 6 x 6 piece of paper.  You score it at 2" & 4", then turn your paper and score it at 2" & 4" again.  You can make any size of these...I have made a 12 x 12 one before and it is cute!  But BIG!  lol  When you score your paper you just have to do 3 equal sections.  So it makes a tic tac toe board (so to speak).  Fold on your scores and invert the corners so they fold inward.  Punch a hole in the 4 corners and tie with a ribbon or I used our bakers twine.  That is it!  You are done!  FAST & EASY!  You still have time to make these for Easter.  They are quick to make and if you use 6 x 6 , you will get 4 from one piece of paper!  Gotta love that!
Have a great Easter!!!

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