Friday, March 8, 2013

Carrot Bouquet

Easter is early this it is time to get ready for it NOW!  I saw these cute carrots on Pinterest, and I knew I had to make some!  
We use to call these "sour cream" containers.  But if you make them out of orange paper, they are called carrots!  LOL  You can fill them with candy or leave them empty for a decoration.

Here is how to make them.  First you will need some orange pattern paper.  I used some from an old Close to my Heart Halloween kit...Hooligans.  This is a GREAT project for using your scraps!!!  Cut it to any size.  The key is it MUST be square.  Below is 6 x 6.  I also used 7 x 7 & 4 x 4 in my carrot bouquet.

You will need a REAL GOOD adhesive.  Put on 3 sizes like the picture below.
Then roll it and attach it by the adhesive. 

 Then you will squeeze one end.  

Then squeeze the other end the OPPOSITE way.  

The one thing you need to be careful with is when you are deciding which end will be your front.  See the picture see the seam. Make sure that seam is NOT visible from the front.  This will give you a cleaner look.

Now it is time to cute some ribbon.  I found some discontinued green ribbon and folded it in half, putting a little adhesive on the end before you fold it. 

 Now put 3 of them together with a little adhesive.  
Now, with a good adhesive, attache the ribbon to the top of the carrot.

 Then I used some of our stamps to decorate the front.
Below is one of our monograms stamps.  I LOVE THESE!  They are easy to punch out using our 
1 1/4" punch!  We have LOTS of stamps that work this way!  But our monogram stamps come separate so you can order the letters you want!  AND, they only cost $2.95 each.  What a deal!

 I also used some of our Easter stamps.  They are quick and's time to make some of your own!

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  1. I pinned these, too, but haven't had time to make them yet! Maybe this is the push I needed! Thanks for sharing!