Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Personalize it!

Have you ever looked for the perfect paper to scrapbook your memories? Here's a way to personalize your pages. On these Cranberry & Black pages, I wanted to make some Nebraska Football pages. Nebraska football is VERY popular here. So I took a set of football stamps and stamped white cardstock. But I also wanted to make it even more personal but adding the word "Nebraska". Did you know Close to my Heart makes personalized stamps? They do! So I had one made that said "Nebraska". How cool is that! I just stamped "Nebraska" just above the Football stamp and now it says, Nebraska Football. You can do it with whatever you have.

Do you have volleyball stamps? Baseball stamps? Hockey? Etc. Then get a personalized stamp that says your team name, or the school your child goes to. How about getting one with your child's name on it! The possibilities are endless!

This other page I made one with a local schools name on it and stamped white cardstock with baseballs all over it. Very fun and NOT very expensive at all! Personalized stamps start at just $5.95.

You can even personalize cards too! Just get the stamp you want and then start personalizing your own stationary or some for your friend.

Some other ideas for personalized stamps... "from the desk of..., from the library of, Merry Christmas from ____. The possibilities are endless.

Have fun with it!

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