Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's Time for School

And don't forget to get your craft supplies out and help them get ready!  
I had this idea...it reminded me of the "good old days" when everything wasn't DONE for us!  We actually created things!!
I covered some books with the good old brown paper bags from the grocery store and grabbed my supplies.
I had so much fun creating these.  What kid wouldn't want these!  BUT, I really thought it would be a fun way to spend time with your kids.  Grab some bags and start decorating! 

On these books I used some of our new stamps.  My favorite new alphabet is this one (above) called Handwritten Print (E1030 $29.95) and then I also used our new school stamps...The "too cool for school" is in our Chalk it up Workshop kit...love it!  I also used C1588 Great Job $13.95, D1599 Geek is Chic $17.95 and D1612 Teacher Appreciation $17.95 

So fun!  I know my kids would have LOVED to make these with me!

On this sample, I used a piece of our Chalk it Up paper and stamped "My" and "first grade" using our handwritten print (I told you it was my favorite...right now...lol) and used our White stamp pad.  LOVE how it looks just like chalk!  The "first day of" is a chip board piece from our Chalk it Up Complements.  You can find this kit on pages 26 - 37 of our NEW catalog.  Check out my website to see them, or contact me for a catalog.  They are $3.50, but FREE, if you host a party or join a group!  

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