Friday, November 2, 2012

November Group Layouts

This month we are using our Clementine paper pack for our layouts.  I have to say I JUST LOVE how Close to my Heart makes their paper packs to go with EVERYTHING!  This could be used for fall, desert, outdoor...but I used it for my son's proposal pictures!! 

I know you are NOT going to believe it, but the colors were NOT planned!!  (which is so unlike me not to color coordinate it...but I didn't!)  lol  But look how PERFECT these pictures go with this paper pack!  Cody proposed at Red Rocks in Colorado and the rock soil, mountains and even their clothes work PERFECTLY!  I swear this wasn't planned!  LOL  
                                         You can click on each of these pictures to enlarge it.
Here is the picture of Brooke being SHOCKED when Cody proposed.  I asked her what she said and it was, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"  LOL

Oh, this is why I love scrapbooking!  If it wasn't for my son's (get's it from his mom) love of pictures, Brooke (and the rest of us) would not have seen these very memorable moments!  I am so glad he likes to have pictures taken!  And I am sure Brooke is too now!  Just to relive this moment over and over is priceless!

I love this layout...notice the pictures on the bottom right...those 4 pictures are actually wallet size.  They worked PERFECT here.  Remember to get those every once in a while.

Here is a zoom on the flowers in the upper right hand corner and below is an enlargement of the heart. What I REALLY love about this layout is the heart featured here and the heart border on this layout...are OLD products that I pulled out and USED!!  I always get excited when I use what I have!  YIPPEE!  And it worked perfect with this layout.

Would you like to make these layouts?  I would love to have you come and join us!  Check out my Upcoming Events tabs to see when I have groups that are meeting in November!  Please call or email to reserve your space (space is limited and I want to make sure I have a paper pack for you)
Remember, if it isn't didn't happen!


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    1. Thanks! They were fun to do and who knew these pictures would work PERFECTLY with this kit!