Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Star

I love these new My Creations Stars that we sell.  Here is one that I created (saw something similar at our convention) so I knew I needed to make my own.  These would make not only GREAT decorations for your home, but GREAT gifts!  These are only $9.95.  

Here is the thing I can create these USING THE PAPER YOU HAVE!!  So for $9.95 (plus tax & shipping), and the paper you have, you can have a BEAUTIFUL gift for not a lot of money!  

 When you purchase one of these stars, I will give you a FREE pattern.  This way you cut the pattern out and use it to cut your paper and you are DONE!  FAST, EASY, HOMEMADE AND USING WHAT YOU HAVE!  Now that is my kind of gift!  If you would like a star or two (or more) just give me a call and I will get them to you!

Oh and the poinsettia in the middle serves 2 purposes...first is it pretty but it also hides any of the areas where you might not have cut as straight at you would have liked!  LOL  The poinsettia is from our Cricut cartridge!  I made 2 and bent them to look more realistic.

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