Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My son Cody DID IT!  He asked his girlfriend of almost 4 years to MARRY HIM!!!  I am SOOOO EXCITED!  Not only for the engagement, but to be able to NOT have this secret!  He picked the ring out in February and it has been a LONG time of keeping it quiet!!

So this last weekend, they went to Colorado.  There was a concert at Red Rocks and he decided to ask her there.  He was suppose to ask her on Friday...but she had a different agenda!  LOL  And of course he can't say why he wanted to do something different then she wanted to!  
So he sends me this picture and says, "here tomorrow".  I was heart broken for him because I knew how much he planned this and how nervous he was about it.  So one more day was going to be HARD!  And to keep the ring hidden!
After a bit of a battle, he was able to convince her to go BACK to Red Rocks.  I told him to make the excuse that his mother needs pictures (no lie there!)  

So here is the "decoy" photo.  He was VERY nervous here...you can't tell, but he was.

Then he went down on his knee and PROPOSED!  She was SHOCKED!  She had NO CLUE!  Just like he wanted it.

She was filled with joy and tears!  Dang I wish I could have been there!  Good thing I raised him right and pictures are a HIGH priority!  He really wanted to keep it quiet, but at the last minute he had to tell her friend (the one taking pictures).  He knows how important pictures are and he wanted to make sure he had a bunch and now they can relive the moment over and over!

And YES, they are already scrapbooked!  LOL  They go PERFECT with our Clementine paper!  And it wasn't even planned that way!  LOL  I just love this picture (above).  She is crying with joy, he is hugging her and the ring is still in the box in his hand!   

Now it is time to put the ring on!  It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL ring!  I asked her how many times a minute she looks at it.  She said 60!  LOL  

He is my pride & joy and I am so happy for him!  He picked a great girl and we welcome her to our family!  
Congrats Cody & Brooke
August 18, 2012

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  1. That is so sweet Shari. Thank you for posting the photo's. It made me cry as I thought about when Tom asked me to marry him just a few years back. Patricia