Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Make Your Own Pattern Paper

Have you ever needed just the right pattern paper, but you couldn't find it or the colors just weren't right?

With stamps, you can make your OWN pattern paper. This is what I did here in this layout.

As part of my team, each quarter we get together and spend the day doing whatever we want to do. It can be creating for ourselves, for the next workshop or even for our next group. It is a lot of fun and I try to have a theme.

This time I found these very cute plates & napkins, but I didn't have any pattern to match...but have not fear, I created it myself using stamps!
I took several of our stamp sets out and started to create this layout. I also stamped 2nd generation (this is when you ink your stamp, then stamp on scrap paper and without inking it again you stamp on the paper. This gives you a light version of that same image) so I can put the title here. See how the leaves look lighter? Then I stamped "CREW" over it.

So remember if you are creating something specific, then you will want to pull out your stamps and really personalize your layout!

And, if you would like to be part of my team and earn extra money or get a discount, just contact me! For just $99 you can start your own Close to my Heart business. We really do have a lot of fun!

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