Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Stamp of the Month

I LOVE this layout. Not only was it so fun to create...but it highlights my BABY! He is the love of my life. When he was little he wrote me all these little love notes. I have wanted to scrapbook these, but just wasn't sure what to do. So I finally had the perfect idea.

So I took the February stamp of the month (you can see it used on the 2 inch border that runs across both sheets...it is second generation) and our new Sweetheart kit LOVE IT and created my layout. I also used (see last picture) our new polka dot alphabet! LOVE IT! It is such a fun alphabet! This is a MUST HAVE! We had these in stickers that you colored whatever color you wanted and I loved those, but here you can just grab the stamp and STAMP them the color you want! How cool is THAT!

Now I have those precious love notes from my son captured in my scrapbook along with various pictures of him at different ages. I almost feel sorry for all those people who "don't have time to scrapbook"...look what they are missing! lol

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