Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pay Off That Credit Card!

Would you love to eliminate one bill out of your monthly budget? Do you know that doing just one party a week with Close to my Heart you can eliminate one bill a month? You could make an average of $100 per show! What would you do with an extra $400 a month? Did I get your attention?

And now in the month of February Close to my Heart is offering a new consultant special. When you become a Close to my Heart Consultant during February and achieve Straight to the Top, you will receive a rebate of $129 on your New Consultant Kit, plus $100 in select product credit rewards. That's a total retail value of up to $491 in products and business supplies FREE!

So come on and join me...you too can go to work in your slippers! Call me (402-334-5615) or email me (gottastamp@cox.net) today!

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