Friday, May 7, 2010

Studio J Scrapbooking Online!

Have you checked out our Studio J yet? It is very cool...if you haven't, you need to! This layout I made in Studio would never know (unless you touched it) that is was a color photo and not the actual paper and buttons etc.

I created it on Studio J using the Halloween kit (not available in paper, this is an exclusive to Studio J). These were not Halloween pictures, but the chose the papers that looked Tiggerish to me! lol

You need to go check out Studio J. There is no fee to use, no software to purchase or even update! You just register (free) and start playing. You only pay when you purchase the layouts.
It is easy...all you do is
1. Create your account
2. Upload your photos
3. Choose the desired themed kit
4. Select an exclusive layout pattern
5. Add photos, embellishments, title and journaling. You can flip your pictures, flip the layouts, and pick out the colors you want your ribbons, buttons etc to be. No need to have your pictures developed (this is the part I like).
6. Purchase your custom layouts.
Here are some cost saving tips. Shipping is $7.95. So be aware of that.
The layouts are $12.95 for a 2 page layout are the cost saving tips!
If you purchase between 5 -9 layouts (all at one time) you will get 5 page protectors FREE! BUT WAIT! Here is a BETTER deal! Purchase 10 - 20 layouts and get FREE SHIPPING AND 5 free page protectors per every 5 layouts. So, if you are purchasing 9, you will pay the $7.95 plus get 5 page protectors free, BUT if you purchase just one more (10) you will get FREE shipping and 10 page protectors instead of 5! GREAT DEAL! So when you are working with Studio J, make sure you get the best deal possible.
Oh, and you don't have to CREATE them all at the same time. Create them when you have time, come back and purchase them all at the same will save you money and help get scrapbooking DONE! YEAH!
If you have questions, please call me! 402-334-5615!

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