Friday, May 21, 2010

Leaving a Legacy

Have you ever thought of what you will be remember for when you are gone? How will you leave your legacy?

Scrapbooking is one way, but there are so many ways to leave your legacy.

I have always loved crafts. And my Grandma Lieske loved to teach me crafts. It was so fun to go to visit Grandma & Grandpa, but my favorite part was doing crafts with Grandma. She had a huge love for yarn. She was an amazing knitter. I cherish the many afghans and sweaters that she made for us. When I was in 3rd grade she taught me how to crochet. And I don't think I have put down my crochet hook much in the years. I have created many of my own afghans for my house, my kids and my family.

This is my latest creation. I made this one to match my bedspread. It was fun to make, but I am glad I am done with it. It is VERY heavy and with the weather FINALLY getting nice, I needed to get it done before it was too hot to work on. But I finished it just in time to put it away for the summer! LOL But it will get lots of use, the cats have already made sure it has lots of cat hair on it!

And my hope is that some day when I am not here, someone will see the time and love that I put into my afghans and cherish them like I cherish my Grandmas. Who knows...someday I hope to have grandkids of my own to pass on my love for crafts!
And as I type this, I realize today would have been my Grandmas birthday if she were still alive. How fitting! Start preserving your legacy today!


  1. What a gorgeous afghan and a very sweet story. You need to print it out and scrapbook it with the photos!

  2. Wow Shari, you are getting a bit mushy here......GREAT story and BEAUTIFUL afghan!