Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Have you ever sat back and reflected on just how lucky you really are? I did this a week ago when my Mac buddy Karen posted 2 awesome "lucky" cards to her blog.
I have always seen the 4 leaf clover as St. Patrick's Day and I am not one for that strange holiday. So I never used these stamps.
HOWEVER because of Karen's cards, it made me am I "lucky"? I found these pictures of my Grandpa and it made me realize how truly I am. He was an awesome Grandpa and I needed to make sure I kept his legacy alive!

So I got out my Veranda kit and started creating this layout. I also used my In the Month of March Stamps. They had the clover and the word "lucky". This layout is from our Cherish Book page 66 & 67. "Gramps" is stamped using our Cocktail Alphabet (my favorite).

It was a bitter sweet layout. My Grandpa is now residing in Heaven (yeah for him), and I feel truly blessed to have had him for the time I did. Now I can create this layout and relive the memories all over again! After all, isn't that what scrapbooking is all about! That and a good excuse to use your stamps! LOL
So get out your Cherish book and recreate this can use any kit you want!

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