Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Crush Books

You will have a CRUSH on these books once you see them!  I love mine!  Watch this video to give you more information and ideas on them.

I used the My Crush Wildwood Book and the Modville Book.  A picture of mine is pictured below.
But check out this video for more information.

If you would like to get your hands on any or our My Crush books, check them out on pages 150 - 155 of our Annual catalog.  You can view them on my website.

Here is what I did with my Modville Book.  I wanted to do a 2 page layout for all the vacations that I have earned with my Close to my Heart business.  Here are a few pages.
This is one of our many Caribbean Cruises.  You can't tell from this picture, but the above picture of my son at the beach...that is a flip flap page, so there are more pictures behind that.  And the square that says Caribbean Cruise...that is also a flip flap.  Our itinerary is behind there.

This is our first page in the book.  Our very first trip with Close to my Heart, it was a Hawaiian Cruise.

Yes, I even earned one to New Zealand.  I love my job!

This one was also to the Caribbean and we took my son and his girlfriend at the time, but now is his wife!

This is my Wildwood My Crush Book.  This book is about a dream we have of owning a Motorhome.

Here is our wish list and a mini trip we made to Canada

And what is really important...time to rest and relax!

As you can see, these My Crush books are GREAT books that you can tell your story and not have to spend a ton of time on.  We also have accessories that go with them to embellish your pages.

Get your My Crush books to tell your stories and at $12.95 you really can't afford not to have a few!  Check them out on my website.

My Crush In the Pink Z2000
My Crush Wildwood Z2001
My Crush Holiday Happenings Z2098
My Crush Modville Z1855
My Crush Bluebird Z1856
And remember to check out the accessories that match! 

And coming April 1st, our new My Crush 4 x 6 mini books!  Stay tuned!!

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