Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Close to my Heart Mini Stapler

Ok...I have to say...I wasn't thrilled with this tool.  I have had it for 8 months (EEK! and yes, I have NOT used it until now...oops)  and just got it out to use it.  And now I have to say, I LOVE IT!  It isn't like a big stapler...it has cute mini staples that make a great addition to your card or pages.

Check out this video.

Here are a few cards that I made with my mini stapler.

Can you see the staples above.  How cute it this!

I put 2 staples on the top left and bottom right of the Happy Birthday piece

And 2 staples at the top middle and the bottom right of the sentiment piece.

It is fun to use and these little staples are so much cuter then the regular staples.  Give it a try.

The item number is Z2027 for $12.95 and the 2000 mini staples are just $2.95 Z2097.  Get yours now!

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