Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Best Cat Friend

Have you ever had a pet that is more then a pet.  They are like a best friend?  I had one of those.  My cat Pablo.   Well...technically he was a cat, but he thought he was a dog!  Just in a cat costume. 
This Thanksgiving weekend he got real sick and we had to put him to sleep.  It was such an unexpected and hard thing to do.  He was 15, and as sad as I am to not have him here,  I have to remember all the joy he brought me for 15 years.    
 Our cats are like kids.  They rule the house...and Stacey & I just get to make the house payment...but it is THEIR house!  lol  If there was a blanket I was making...there were on it!  Above is Pablo on a blanket I finished a couple years ago.
Here he is sleeping (kind of) on the couch in my office.  If I was home, I was easy to find...just look for Pablo.  He was just a few steps away from me.  He would wait for me in the morning when I was in the shower...sometimes I couldn't get out...he blocked the door!  LOL  And every time I passed one of them during the day, they would get petted.

Here's the chair we bought for Pablo...he LOVED to sit next to me.  And that is Corley on the other side.  They were actually brother & sister.  She got sick almost 2 years ago...so we have been missing her for a while too.

This is the lamb skin we brought back from New Zealand for them.  Corley mostly slept on it, but Pablo loved it too.

We had a heating pad in my office just next to my desk that Pablo would always lay on in the cooler months.  I miss turning my chair and seeing him there.  Since I work from home, he was like a 

Then his big thing was dragging my slippers around the house.  Here he is using my tigger slippers for a pillow!  Crazy cat!

Just about every day at 10:30 & 2:30 he would come and MEOW loudly in my office.  That meant he needed a hug and some lovin.  I knew since he was getting older, that I needed to take time to cuddle with him.  So every time he came in, I stopped what I was doing and took time for him.  So glad I did this now!
This picture was taken recently...Halloween night by our fire pit.  He hated it when I was outside and he wasn't, so I brought him out to sit with me for a little bit.

This is the thing I love about scrapbooking and digital photos.  You can take a bunch and you know right away if the photo is good or not.  I am so thankful for my Pablo.  I will miss him terribly, but I know I have lots of pictures that help me remember all those memories.  
So remember, whether it is a pet, friend or family member...photos are precious!  
Pablo Froemming 5/1/97 - 11/23/12


  1. Oh, Shari! I'm so sorry about Pablo! I know how you feel! I am so attached to my pets! I had a cat for nearly 19 years, and it broke my heart when I lost him. I have lots of great memories of him and I cherrish the pictures I have.

  2. Thanks for sharing your memories of Pablo with us. He will be missed...RIP Pablo. :(