Friday, December 21, 2012


Let's get ready for 2013 by getting our scrapbooks ready!  I have gotten my 2013 album ready for all those pages I will be making!!  And I am here to help you get ready too!

I know I know, you may be saying...but I have so many YEARS to do before I even THINK about 2013...BUT, I am here to tell need to STAY caught up to GET caught up!

Current events are always the easiest to remember, so why not get your CURRENT photos PRINTED...YES I SAID PRINTED!  You MUST print them in order to scrapbook them.  They do you no good to just keep them on your computer or memory stick!  So let's get PRINTING!  lol  Then you can get the scrapbooked!

I thought I would show you how to load our albums.  They are post bound, so you do NOT need to scrapbook in order!!  YIPPEE!  I am a "mood" scrapbooker.  I scrapbook what I am in the MOOD to scrapbook and that doesn't mean IN ORDER!

 So first you unscrew the screws and I recommend adding our 1" extender posts.  This will give you LOTS of room for all those pages. 

You take these cardboard pieces out.  They are just there for shipping.  So take them out and recycle them!
 Now I put page protectors in it ALONG with our photo storage pages.  This way once you have printed the pictures you can slide them in our photo storage pages (1 page holds 12 photos) and they will keep your photos in order and free from bends and mishandling!  They come both vertical & horizontal.  I normally use horizontal.  BUT, you can also use these to permanently store your photos in here too.  Instead of putting a photo in one, add cardstock and journal about your photos!  DONE!

Then once you are ready to scrapbook them, you simply go to the pages in the album, pull them out and put them on your finished page!
 The picture above is the album before I put the binder on (binder on the right)
 Above is the binder tucked in the bottom.  You tuck it in the bottom, then roll it to fit in the top part.  Very easy!
 Above is the album with the binding in.
 Here are your page protectors just WAITING for those precious scrapbook pages!
 And here are the photo storage pages...I put them AFTER the page protectors.  Not the best picture of it, but you get the idea.

 Then the last thing to add to your album is our label holders.  These are so great.  They just clip on the top of the binding and you can customize them however you want.  Here I took the November 2012 stamp of the month (no longer available) to stamp the year.

Here is a close up view of the label holders.  Anyone that purchases label holders from me will get a FREE label to slide right in!  
So let's get organized and READY to go for 2013 pictures!  You will be so excited and AMAZED how good it feels to get your album ready.  I always feel "caught up" on scrapbooking when I do this!  
Then, once you create your 2013 album, work backwards and create 2012, then get the idea.  Next thing you WILL be caught up!

AND, now you can make your first page for your scrapbook!  OR, come to my open house Sunday, January 27th from 1:00 - 5:00 to make your FREE first page using Close to my Heart products!  

Each year my husband & I go out on January 1st and get our picture taken and that is the picture we use for our first page of our 2013.  It is a fun little tradition that we do AND, it starts the year off right!  

So make sure you get out there and get your picture taken for your 2013 cover page!  

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