Friday, August 26, 2011

Studio J Summer Layout

Do you want to get some of those summer pictures done FAST? Then you will want to take a few minutes to watch this Studio J Video. If you have never tried our Studio J before, you will want to after you see this video. You can try it free...simply go to my website and click on the Studio J link. Sign in or set up an account if you don't have one and start to play! There is no fee or obligation. Just get out there and play. The joy of Studio J is if you only have 10 minutes to play, you sign in, create and Studio J will save your place for you until you have another 10 minutes to finish up.

We know there are many people who take pictures and keep them in their camera or on their computer and don't do anything with them. Are you one of them? Well we want to help you preserve and share those memories. The one thing I really love about Studio J (besides it take very little time) is, after you create your layouts and purchase them, you get free jpg files that you can then post to your facebook, blog or even email to your friends and family. They too can share in the memories.

So take a few minutes to watch this video and see how easy it is to create layouts using Studio J. And remember, if you decide Studio J is for you, we have 3 month and 12 month memberships that make these layouts a great deal, so give me a call or send me an email and I will help you with what options work best for you!

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