Friday, August 19, 2011

New Car Layout

I was scrapbooking the other day and decided to use our Lucky Paper Pack for the pictures of my son's new car. Not only were the pictures fun to scrapbook...because getting a new car is very fun, but the paper pack is one of my favorites!
It is VERY versatile! Not only do I love the paper pack but I used a new stamp set called Vintage Type (D1481 $17.95). It's very cool. I didn't use the alphabet with this set, I used the pennants (see them in the upper left corner of the first page and the lower right of the second)
from this set. Pennants are VERY popular right now in the scrapbooking world.
Here's a REAL cool part of this. The pennants (and the tag in this set) also have a setting on our Cricut cartridge so you can tell it to cut a bunch of pennants (or tags). That means NO CUTTING by hand! YIPPEE! Even though I do like to cut, but I think I will like having the Cricut cut LOTS for me! lol This will enable me to embellish even more!

The other thing I like about this layout is the Newsprint Rub-ons (Z1388 $ 8.95). I used them on the right side and it says, "my new car". I really like these rub-ons. They look like little tiny pieces from your newspaper...but you don't have to cut these out...just rub them on!

Are you feeling like scrapbooking now? Grab any kit and start creating and preserving those memories! Do you have these newsprint rub-ons already? If so, I challenge you to get them out and create something with them! If you don't, you will want to get some. As always, just call me...I will get you some!

Have a great scrappin day!

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  1. LOVE this layout! Way to go, Cody! I love his smile. I can almost smell the "new car" smell from here...that's an experience he'll remember forever!