Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Purge Those Magazines

Do you have scrapbooking, stamping, craft or any other magazines piling up? It is easy to get lots and lots of these, but here is a solution to keeping your magazines in control.

First...remember that crafting or any kind of magazines do get dated. If you look back (and I say IF you look back) you will see how dated they are and will probably never use those ideas. So, what you need to do is keep a full years magazines...then when the next one arrives, pull the oldest one out and recycle it. Then you will always just have 1 years supply.

If you know, once you look at it, that you will never look at it again, recycle it right away. You can throw it in the recycle bin, but why not share them with your friends. If you all subscribe to a different magazine and all switch after you read it, then you will get the benefit of getting several magazines for just one low price and save a lot of trees!

I also get those plastic magazine holder to keep them in. I put a piece of patterned paper in the front of it to make that clear plastic holder pretty. Dress up your magazine holders and put them in your bookshelf.

So take a little time to go through your magazines and purge. Once you purge them...keep them to a years worth. Your house will be happy you did!

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