Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Decorations

It's that time...time to stop scrapbooking (EEK) and start decorating for Christmas. Normally we don't start to decorate until the first weekend in December, but my husband volunteered to have his work party at our house. BREATHE! lol It's ok...we like to host parties...but with that came a little stress. We have to start decorating early. So we started the day after Thanksgiving.

Now we volunteered to host the party not only because we like to host, but it will keep us busy in a very hard part of the year for us. 11 years ago, our 16 year old son Grant died in a car accident 3 days before Christmas. It really makes the holidays hard, but we are getting better and have figure out that staying busy works well for us during this time. I tell you this to remind you that it doesn't just happen on tv, it can happen to any of us...so hug your kids and enjoy the moments...oh and take pictures! LOL

So...out came the trees and decorations and here are some pictures of our house. I will share more with you later...I am waiting for a picture to arrive and it was too light this morning and the sun hit the tree funny so I couldn't take a picture...but here are some pictures to put a smile on our faces. I even decorated our cats "entrance" to their area and Corley was nice enough to come out for the picture...ok it took 3 takes, but it finally worked! LOL

This picture is our last picture of Grant. We were at Disney and we found Tigger so I MADE them pose with Tigger (he's my favorite character). Cody is on the left and Grant on the right. We just love this picture...they are both laughing as Tigger hugs them. I am very thankful for this picture...it makes me smile.

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  1. Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful home and decorations, but even more for sharing about Grant. As I am stressing over getting everything done for the wedding next weekend, going out of town 2 days after that for a basketball tourney and getting everything ready for everyone to come in for Christmas, I am forgetting the most important part: the people behind all of these activities. Thanks for the very special reminder and for sharing your heart with all of us in this post.