Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Amazing Carrying Case

Do you need a great carrying case for your Close to my Heart products!  I have just what you need!  Here is a picture of our Organizer Carrying Case.  It is a padded case designed for our stamp pad organizer.  I LOVE IT!  You load in your stamp pad organizer and you are off, ready to scrapbook on the go!  
Unfortunately they are discontinuing it!  EEK!  And I have been trying to think of another use for it besides carrying around our stamp pads and markers.  I figured it out.  Well, I had help from a customer!  She asked me if our new organizers would fit.  AND THEY DO!
Here is a picture of our large organizer in the case.  Now remember I said it was padded and it also have a shoulder strap.  So it is EASY to transport!  

Here it is with our small & medium organizer in it.  I also think it would work with 3 of our small organizers in it too...I just don't have 3, but I am pretty sure they will fit.
If you would like one of these organizers, they are on the discontinued list and need to be ordered before the end of the month.  But once they run out...they are gone, so get yours NOW!  
Call or email me and I will get one ordered for you!  
The bag is featured on page 135 of our Spring/Summer catalog and is $34.95.
And if you have other uses for it...let me know!  I love organizing!  

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  1. Hi Shari,
    Would you happen to have one of these (even if it's used) that you'd be willing to sell. I had one that I loved dearly and it was recently damaged in a flood and sent by our insurance company for cleaning. Unfortunately, the Cleaners "lost it" in the chaos of the MANY items that they were sent as many other homes in our town flooded at the same time. Now, I've learned that Corp retired this item back in July. I had hoped they might be able to help me (I was a Senior Executive Director with CTMH for many years) and contacted them to see if they still might have a carrying case to sell me, but no luck :( So, now I'm searching the net in hopes of tracking one down to hold my stamp pad tower. Thanks for reading -- you can email me at: catscrapper@sympatico.ca :) Thanks again, Cathy Dupuis