Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Easter TIme!

I created this cute easter bouquet and thought I would show you how also!  I got the idea from page 64 of our current Close to my Heart Spring/Summer 2013 catalog.  I really like theirs, and I wanted to recreate a smaller one.  So I grabbed a piece of Creme Brulee cardstock, and cut the popcorn box from our Cricut Cartridge (it's the M key, 3d item)
  So here is what it looks like cut out.
 Then I took a piece of 2 x 12 Topiary & Pear cardstock. I cut them pretty close together, but leaving about 1/2 inch on the bottom.   You can do this with just one color, but I wanted my grass to be multicolored
 I then glued them together.
 Assemble your box and then attach your grass.  Now here is a trick.  Make sure you attach as you go around the box and bend grass with the box.  If you attach is all while it is flat, it will buckle...so make sure you attach as you fold your box
 Then using our quilling tool, roll the grass forward.  It takes a while, so maybe watch the news or something while you are doing this!  LOL
 Here is a picture of the grass starting to take shape
 Now cut a circle out of patterned paper.  I used this piece from our Claire paper pack.  This circle is cut using our Cricut cartridge at 8 inches.  Then cut the circle in 4ths.  This is only one of the pieces.  I then took our spray pen and spritzed it with water.  This makes it more pliable.  Put a little batting in the middle and roll it in the shape of a carrot.  Using GOOD adhesive, glue the edge.  I also wrapped a bamboo skewer with the carrot.  I wrapped the stick with floral tape.  
Gather the top part & wrap some bakers twine around it.  You can make your carrots fat or skinny.  This is one of my skinny carrots.
 Then take a 3 1/2 x 4 piece of Topiary cardstock and cut slices in it also.  Make these a little thicker then your grass.  This is for the top of the carrot.

Roll it and then curl it down with the quilling tool just like you did the grass.  
Then stick it in the top of your carrot with some adhesive.  
I put some floral foam in the box and inserted the sticks into it.  You can also stamp some eggs and chicks attach them to sticks and insert them too.  Then I just wrapped some ribbon around the box and DONE!  I really liked how it turned out!

 Now it's ready for my Easter Table!

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  1. Shari,
    Jenny here in Appleton! I love you for showing us how to make this little basket! My gals LOVE it and I had no idea where to start.

    Have a great day and see you soon,