Friday, February 1, 2013

I Am Ready!

Are you ready for all those pictures you will take in 2013?  I am!  I have my album filled with page protectors, label on the side of the album (see post from December 21st) and I even have my 1st page DONE!  So technically I am caught up for 2013!  LOL

Here is my first page.  Each year on January 1st, my husband & I go out and take our picture.  The first picture of the new year!  This year we went to a local park (it was VERY COLD) and set out timer on our camera and off we went!  Here is the outcome of the event.

I used our Later Sk8er paper from our NEW catalog!!  It is "boyish" but I made it take on the feel of snowflakes.  And if you look closely, you will see the scarfs I made for my husband & I that match the layout!  LOL  

It's not too late to get your first picture of the new year and make your first page of your 2013 album!

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