Friday, October 19, 2012

Cricut Candy Flowers

I posted one of these flowers a while ago on my blog and promised I would share with you when I got them all here they are!  A bouquet of candy flowers!  CUTE!  

Here is what I did...I used our Artiste Cricut Cartridge.  I used the C key on page 63.  First I cut out the Accent 2 with Goldrush cardstock at 3 1/4" and then the Shift Accent 2 with our pattern paper at 2 3/4"  It even cuts out the middle!  
Then for the leaf I used Olive cardstock and the #2 key page 32 and cut it at 2 3/4".  After I have them cut out, I use our Treat Cups (Z1778 10 for $3.95) filled with colored M & M's.  I then took some sticks and wrapped with florist tape and liquid glassed them to the flowers!  TADA!  
Done!  I think it turned out VERY CUTE!  Give it a try!
The possibilities are endless with our Cricut Cartridges! 
If you have not gotten your cartridges yet, just let me know!  I can get them ordered for you!

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  1. I love these...still need to make a bouquet of my own!