Friday, January 27, 2012

Talents Passed Down

If you know me, you know I do a variety of crafts and today I wanted to pay tribute to the BEST GRANDMA EVER Grandma Lieske. She would ALWAYS do crafts with me. Every time we went over to visit, she had another craft to do. This is where I got my love for crafting. Here is a picture of her & my Grandpa on their 50th wedding anniversary.

And today I wanted to show you another craft I have (I don't just scrapbook...LOL). I also love to crochet! My Grandma knitted more then she crocheted, and trust me, if she were still alive today, she would be teaching me to be a better knitter! I am not that good at knitting...but I do love crocheting. Here is a picture of my Grandma crocheting and my cousin Carl put HIS sunglasses on her! LOL She was such a cool Grandma!

She was always doing some sort of craft (usually with yarn) and was bare foot a lot...hey...maybe that is where I get that from! LOL She would make afghans, sweaters, ponchos, name it she did it and did it WELL! I am amazed at what she created! She had 8 Grandkids and we all got lots of
homemade stuff! Things we all treasure. But she also donated her creations too! She would donate afghans to her church or the senior center to raise money.

And here is how I am coming into the picture. I am making an afghan (nothing as amazing as hers) and donating it for a silent auction to raise money for Operation Smile!
But I have to say, it is pretty cool! Since it is a Close to my Heart function, I thought I would make this one with all the hearts on it! It's not done yet, but should be this week! I can't wait until it's done! My goal is to raise at least $240 (that is the cost to fix one smile of a child) with this afghan. I love that it is going to a good cause and I love the my Grandma's tradition will
continue through me!

Here's another afghan that she made. This one was for my son Cody. He was totally into Winnie the Pooh when he was little. She made the afghan and then crossed stitched on it.

I made one of these, but it had the Cubs logo on it and another one with the Sox's logo (can you tell I have baseball fans in my house) lol
Here's yet another one she made for me. This was for my 13th birthday. That is the age all the Grandkids gone one. WOW..that is an OLD afghan! LOL She was amazing!

If you have a Grandma or someone that is special to you that has a special talent that interests you, make sure you learn from them so you too can pass this talent down to your loved ones!

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