Friday, February 5, 2010

Jeanette Lynton's Blog

If you are into blogs, you will want to check out She is the founder of Close to my Heart and I love her dearly! She has an amazing blog so check it out. BUT, specifically check out Thursday, February 4th post. (yesterday). She posted pictures of our trip to New Zealand and I made her blog! YEAH! See if you can find me!! Hint...I am the one with the yellow life jacket on (like the picture here..this is Monica and Me)! the end of the post is a video clip of our Jet Boat ride. This is when the driver spins us 360 degrees (they call it the Hamilton Slide) in the boat on the river, WAY COOL! But at the end you will hear someone yell, "DO IT AGAIN DO IT AGAIN". That would be ME! lol Then the camera shows me. LOL Too fun! You can't see the spinning too much but I will tell you it was a blast! If you get a chance to go Jet Boating...DO IT!

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