Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Book Easel

Here's a great idea if you are using one of our How To Books while you are scrapbooking or making cards. This is a recipe book holder you would use in your kitchen while cooking. But I use it when I am scrapbooking and need our idea books (which is all the time).

This keeps your book open, gives you more room to work on your desk or table and when you are done or if you "travel" with your supplies, it folds flat for easy storage. The top right picture is it folded and stored on my bookshelf with my albums. I make sure I don't leave without this when I scrapbook away from home.

I believe I got this one at Bed Bath & Beyond several years ago. I think the most important thing when getting one of these is to make sure it folds flat for easy storage and ease of taking it with you when you scrapbook.

This is just another way to not only keep your scrapbooking area cleaned up from clutter, but you will be able to see the How To book much easier. Hope this helps you get a little more organized and more scrapbooked!

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