Friday, February 13, 2015

Let it Snow????

I have to say I am a little glad we got snow, but not sure I want it to stay very long.  LOL  I did grab my husband and we ran outside to get our picture taken for the first page of my 2015 album.  YEA!  Now the snow can go away.  LOL

Here is the layout I made using our Snowhaven paper pack and of course the adorable Polar Bear Holiday stamps (C1557).  I have been using these stamp so much lately...I think I need to put them away for a while.  But they are so cute!

Here is a little tip about taking pictures in the snow.  If you wait until it is getting dark out...and it has to be snowing...get outside and take pictures.  It is the most amazing picture.  The flash will reflect the water in the snowflake and you get this cotton ball look.  

Here are some pictures I took back in 2004.  See how the snowflakes look like cotton balls.  It is a GREAT picture...but remember you have to do this when it is getting dark and your flash goes off.

Yes, that is me back there behind the blizzard!  

Give it a try

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