Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stamping 101

Have you ever stamped an image on a project you are working on and find that it didn't give you a good image?  Well...I have the solution for you.  I have found with especially the solid stamps, like these below, if you don't "season" the stamps, they seem to act like water & oil.  So to get that "film" off from the processing of the stamps, you need to "season" them.

So what I do is get a WHITE eraser. (like the one pictured below) and erase the image.  This gets that film off and makes it stamp better.  You only have to do this once.  So once it is seasoned you are good to go.  

So make sure you season those stamps for the best image.  And YES, this is one of our new stamp sets!  It is called Reason of the Season D1614 $17.95.   I think this is the stamp set I will be using for my Christmas cards!!  Now to start them!  LOL

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